Was The 80’s the Death of the American Petrol Head? (Part 2)

**The GLHS**

The GLHS was the quickest with a hundred seventy five HP and a hundred seventy five lb-­ft. This wasn’t a tool for the track, it had been a weapon of mass destruction. It had a changed Garrett Turbo I engine, an extended runner tuned intake (2 pieces) manifold, Associate in Nursingd an intercooler. The engine had a compression magnitude relation of eight.5:1, a most boost of twelve psi. due to all this, it may do the 0­60 mph in an out of this world half dozen.70 seconds and therefore the linear unit in fourteen.7 seconds at ninety four mph. It conjointly force.88 g on the skid pad.

Rather than continued to provide Shelby impressed Dodges, Dodgson began to make actual Shelbys at his new facility in poet, California. These were cars he purchased from Dodge, modified, then sold himself through choose Dodge dealerships. These vehicles were created in restricted numbers. every model was a 1 ­year­ run and every one got a numbered dash plaque.

The suspension was reworked with adjustable unaggressive gas charged Koni front struts and rear shocks. the quality 1­in. front and 5/8­in. rear swaybars were preserved, further because the mill brakes and steering. Shelby warrior 15×6 in forged Al wheels were enclosed by 205/50VR­15 Goodyear Gatorbacks.

With the extra power, it currently had a prime speed of one hundred thirty mph. All of this bundle of brilliance for what cost? At the time, it had been solely eleven grand. It wasn’t simply Shelby standardization Dodges although, as Dodge themselves got into the sport with product of their own. product just like the 1984 Dodge Colt Turbo. Sure, it should are a Mitsubishi, however that did not deter this vehicle from being quick. Sure, it solely had a 0­60mph in eight.9 Seconds and solely 103 HP. That wasn’t the purpose of the Colt. it had been a handling machine meant to be additional of Lotus Elise, then Chevrolet Camaro.

It was lightweighter than Alfa lover 4C light. it should have had solely 103 HP, however it solely weighed one,896 pounds (or 860 kg). It conjointly had a prime speed of 112 mph. Not much, however just like the Miata… It does not got to be.

“Now, during this corner, we’ve got the Dodge Omni GLH Packing a hundred and ten HP (82 kw).

In the different corner we’ve got… wherever did they go? Were they frightened off?

Apparently thus… ”

The Omni GLH was a good hot hatch. it had been quick, fun, light, nimble, low cost and dizzy. this can be a classic. it is not the maximum amount of a classic because the GNX; however still a classic in its title.

This automotive may be a quick very little bugger stock, it is a jammy bugger after you modify it. this can be conjointly a awfully lightweight automotive, deliberation in at but a pair of,400 pounds. whereas we do not see several of those, they still prove that Dodge will build a correct little automotive… a correct hot hatch, however the GLH wasn’t the sole “GLH” within the series.

You then had the GLH­T. it had been essentially a GLH with a turbocharged engine. although it had been way more powerful, power was currently raised to 146 HP (108 kw) and a hundred and seventy lb-­ft. creating it one among the quicker cars within the trio, this automotive went from 0-60mph in eight.1 seconds and 1 / 4 mile in one6.2 seconds at eighty five.5. It may reach a prime speed of 119.

The GLH turbo was upgraded to equal length [*fr1] shafts. despite the fact that it had been simply (pretty much) Associate in Nursing engine upgrade, that did not deduct from something. it had been still a tremendous hot hatch.

Then we’ve got the automotive that no-one remembers. The Dodge Shadow E, whereas the ’87 appearance higher than the ‘ eighty nine, they’re smart cars either method. These area unit terribly fun cars to drive too. Like several of the cars on this list, the Shadow was (and still is) a awfully lightweight automotive. deliberation in at a pair of,535 pounds (or 1150 kg) it had 146 HP and a hundred and seventy lb­-ft.
This automotive was less powerful than a number of the cars on this list, and a touch heavier. however this wasn’t a Shelby tuned Shadow. thus it wasn’t attending to be as sport targeted, despite that they were still excellent fun to drive.

This is the canvas Shelby accustomed craft the CSX from his terribly hands. And it is a smart very little packet from the mill. He basically turned the Shadow into Associate in Nursing Evo except while not the AWD. very similar to most of the cars on this list, it’s turbocharged. It uses identical engine within the following cars:


Dodge Shelby Charger

Shelby CSX

Shelby cavalryman

Dodge Daytona

That’s heaps of cars to own identical engine. however once 1989 came visiting, the facility was augmented to one hundred fifty HP and one hundred eighty lb­ft. whereas it wasn’t nearly as good trying because the previous year, he did a bit surprise with the reinvigorated model.

That’s right! we have a tendency to got a convertible. In 1991, Dodge introduced the convertible Shadow. it had been a fairly smart convertible at that! you’ll get Associate in Nursing E trim level, that means you’ll get a convertible with one hundred fifty HP and one hundred eighty lb­ft. Since it had been lightweight, it had been pretty fast.

But wait, there’s more!!!

Could it be? affirmative, Another sedan! The Dodge Spirit R/T with 224 HP and 218 lb­-ft. This was the Charger vixen of its time. as a result of it’s the foremost power of all the vehicles on this list, it’s the best prime speed. it’s a prime speed of 141 mph. that is a hundred ninety E territory. It may do the linear unit in fourteen.5 seconds, at 97 mph. This was hollow in its day. (Yes I had to appear that up). Its heads were conjointly designed by Lotus. At the time, it had been the quickest four door sedan in America. it had been conjointly fuel economical, reaching twenty six mpg on the route.

It was terribly, very cheap. creating it one among the quickest cars you’ll get for fewer than twenty grand. As nice as this was, it is not as unforgettable because the different cars on this list. (Aside from the Shadow and Colt)… Though, they’re still fairly standard among a precise cluster of individuals. **Cough**

TurboDodge guys **Cough**

The Dodge Daytona is one among the good vehicles on this list. It created 146 HP (109 kw) and a hundred and seventy lb­-ft. it’s a touch heavier than a number of the opposite vehicles on this list. It weighs a pair of,701 pounds (or 1225 kg). It handled thus well, it beat the Porsche 924.

Don’t believe me? Here you go:

Read it and express feelings or admire. It had a level T3 Turbo. With a pair of valves per cylinder. heaps of individuals love this automotive to the present day, somebody even swapped the two.2 cubic decimeter turbo for a five.7 cubic decimeter Hemi in theirs and regenerate it to RWD. however that’s beside the purpose. It conjointly got a T-top choice for ’86. shortly in its life, it gained pop­up headlights and a brand new variant. it had been referred to as the Shelby Z. It gained additional HP from 146 to 174 HP (130 kw), and two hundred lb­-ft, further as a significant duty A555 transaxle with Getrag gears. (If you wish additional information, i will offer links at the top of the article).

The Dodge Caravan E Turbo, the full sleeper. very similar to a number of the vehicles on this list, it makes one hundred fifty HP and a hundred and seventy lb­-ft. Not the lightest vehicle on this list, it weighs in at three,086 pounds. It’s lighter and quicker than a number of the vehicles to come back. it’s a prime speed of a hundred and ten mph, not terribly high. except for a van within the 1980’s, that is pretty brisk. mix that with a 0­60mph in nine.4 seconds, and you have got the makings of a sleeper for sleepers.

Ford came on for the ride. They showed that the 80’s weren’t the top with the Foxbody pony. Foxbodies area unit highly regarded currently, they are called an honest platform for just about something. they’re the lightest of all the Mustangs. Once upgraded to a Dart block, will simply handle 900 horsepower. however these transcend simply drag sport. as a result of they’re lightweight and tiny, they create smart budget track cars.

You could get an entire fleet of engines. Here is that the list:

2.3 L (140 metallic element in) eighty six horsepower I4

2.3 L (140 metallic element in) turbocharged I4

3.3 L (201 metallic element in) I6 eighty five horsepower

2.8 L (171 metallic element in) V6

3.8 L (232 metallic element in) Essex V6

4.2 L (256 metallic element in) V8

302 cubature unit (4.9 L) Windsor V8

Quite a ton, is not it? it had been conjointly chosen because the pace for the Indy five hundred, they conjointly created a special edition celebrating this. Over 10,000 were created. not like the Daytona, you’ll get a convertible or simply a customary motorcar. The Fastback was the choice if you wished a sportier pony. The Daytona was simply a fastback/ hatch from the mill.

There was conjointly a range of transmissions. From a four or five speed manual or a three or four speed automatic. however UN agency may forget the pony SVO? this can be the Foxbody we have a tendency to all keep in mind. It had two hundred HP, 240 lb-­ft. and therefore the new (for the time) “aero” headlights. The pony wasn’t the sole automotive on the “Foxbody” platform although, we have a tendency to conjointly had the disembodied spirit. consider it as a Chrysler three hundred motorcar. it had been larger than the pony and additional luxurious. in a very weird method, it strikes a chord in my memory of the Bentley Continental.

The Turbo motorcar had a a pair of.3 cubic decimeter OHC (Over Head Cam) engine with EFI, Associate in Nursing Air to Air Intercooler and a 5­Speed Manual transmission with overdrive. This was a luxury motorcar with a dark facet. At first, the engine created 142 HP, however was then later augmented to one hundred fifty five HP. needless to say, this was heavier than the pony. it had been conjointly larger. however that is not essentially a foul issue. whereas the pony was additional of a sports automotive, the disembodied spirit was additional of a cruiser. A GT automotive if you’ll.

Sadly, this can be a far underrated automotive. Not obtaining the maximum amount love because the Foxbody that is ironic extremely, as long as it’s supported identical platform. It’s simply a discard, losing the glory it once had to the bloody mistress of your time. Destined to a lifetime of misery… it is a nice shame, as a result of had individuals seen the potential during this automotive…
We could have seen additional cruisers from this forgotten beast.